About DT

Hi, I’m DeLisa Treshelle. I am a full-time entrepreneur and owner of Leaked From My Pen (a book writing company that uses writing to bring mental & emotional therapy to the soul where I act as a Manuscript Delivery Coach as well as Ordained Canvas (an art company where I will create prophetic art, host worship events, and provide art classes for children with a mental health diagnosis. Speaking of that, I overcame suicidal ideation many times so my heart truly goes out to those who are in need of healing. As a prophetic writer and anointed scribe, I understand how important and powerful words truly are. There are many more things to come from me but for now stay connected with me here, through my social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc) and listen to my podcast “Uncovered Through Christ ” which is available on all streaming platforms. Remember that “Your Words Matter” and I am so glad to have you here. Feel free to visit my personal website where you can purchase signed copies of my books, purchase inspirational gear, book me as a speaker, and more.

Servant|Author| Speaker| Prophetic Artist + Writer| Mentor| Certified Trauma Coach (in training)| Manuscript Delivery Coach|


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